Twisted are stormtouched who have an unusually higher set of skills than regular stormtouched. Although only two known twisted have been shown, their abilities seem to let them have an almost psychic like ability to find solutions and manipulate large scale events.

Characteristics Edit

Many of the twisted seem to have peculiar quirks, and are quite possibly well connected and very well off in life, as Black Fur tells her, "Just wait until you realize how fun a cog's life can be."[1] However, it is also mentioned that most of them lost something important by failing to activate their storm in time. It is also later shown that many of them seem to have megalomania, believing they are gods deserving the ability to treat others, including twisted how they want.

History Edit

Before the story Edit

90 years before the beginning of the story, Mia Nelleda, at the age of six, was brought in to be the adviser to King Thesslenareo. For several years her storm told her that a revolution was brewing in Milia. However, no one believed her, so after 40 years, she brought a revolution in motion, governing it to keep it from being too powerful and finally bringing it to a close herself, thus preventing the end of the king's reign. Despite this, she was thrown into prison and through unknown means probably related to her storm, kept track of outside life.

Twisted Cog Edit

Liber I Edit

Elena is first introduced to the idea of Twisted and starts trying to expand her powers.

Liber II Edit

On the advice of Little One (Mia), Elena finds the trigger that causes he storm to work. She then uses the ideas she gets from it to launch an attack on studio Maletesta during the day, surprising them and getting a large amount of coins. This elicits an all out attack from all the studios against Elena's studio, Da Rose. However, she is not only able to keep the studio from facing defeat, but bring it to the top of the studio hierarchy.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The metaphor of the twisted stormtouched being like a twisted cog that shakes the machine may have to due with the fact that the two twisted seen so far were able to drastically change their systems.
    • Elena was able to completely change the rules and change the studio hierarchy by bringing her studio from the bottom of the list to the top.
    • Little One was able to cause a revolution that changed the entire world's perception on stormtouched and regulars in general, and rhetors and the King specifically.

Reference Edit

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  2. Niccolo and Vittoria inform Elena her studio is at the top, and the repercussions of their studio combat in Puer Molestia.